Water Sports

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Deliverable numberDeliverable nameDelivery dateDissemination level
D1.1Quality and Risk Management PlanM04Public
D 1.2Description of Ethics RequirementsM05Public
D 1.3M 12 Progress ReportM12SEN
D 1.4M 24 Progress ReportM24SEN
D 1.5M 36 Progress ReportM36SEN
D 1.6Advisory Board & FeedbackM36Public
D 2.1Stakeholder Identification and DefinitionM03Public
D 2.2Need Definition & Scenario Formulation of the Wildfire Use CaseM06SEN
D 2.3Technology Portfolio ReportM06Public
D 2.4Simplified Cost and LCA ModelsM09SEN
D 2.5Business Models for the Wildfire Use CaseM21SEN
D 2.6Initial LCC and LCA ModelsM24SEN
D 2.7SoS Exploration Dashboard and AssessmentM33Public
D 2.8Holistic Use Case Benchmarking Analysis & SoS Operation AssessmentM36Public
D 2.9LCC and LCA final modelsM36SEN
D 3.1Requirements of the Transformative Digital TechnologiesM06Classified CUE/
D 3.2Multilevel Optimization Strategies and AlgorithmsM18Classified CUE/
D 3.3AI Technology for Product and Operational EfficiencyM34Classified CUE/
D 3.4Validation Report of Transformative Digital TechnologiesM36Public
D 3.5Transformative Digital Technologies Framework for SoS, Application and Lessons LearnedM36Public
D 4.1Multidisciplinary & Multifidelity tools, Corresponding Design MethodologyM09SEN
D 4.2Conceptual seaplane & UAM Aircraft Design Set
for SoS Analysis (design loop 1)
D 4.3Seaplane & UAM aircraft design (design loop 2)M24SEN
D 4.4Final design and optimization and high-fidelity
assessment for seaplane & UAM product
D 4.5Aircraft design evolution, manufacturing issues
and product development
M36Classified CUE/
D 5.1SOTA Holistic SoS EngineeringM09Public
D 5.2SoS Process Architecture ApproachM18Public
D 5.3Behavioural Modelling, Operational Tactics, and IntegrationM24Public
D 5.4Responsive Decision Making with AIM30SEN
D 5.5SoS Optimization & Lessons LearntM36Public
D 6.1Website, Press Release and Templates for
Presentations and Reports
D 6.2Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation
Plan – initial report
D 6.3Data Management Plan – initial reportM06Classified CUE/
D 6.4Report on how to reach TRL6 of the Aircraft including
Cost & Schedule
M35Classified CUE/
D 6.5Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation
Plan – final report
M36Classified CUE/
D 6.6Data Management – final reportM36Classified CUE/